Sunday, March 09, 2008

Indiana Jones

Why is Indiana Jones so named? Is he a Hoosier? If so, can I be Indiana Joni?

As I write, Chris and Jack are watching the very first (1981) Indiana Jones movie and just loving it. Last night, they watched Superman II with Christopher Reeves and loved it as well. They are having a sort of bonding through adventure films.

I would join them, but frankly, I am sort of tired from waiting on them (they are also enjoying the treat of being served dinner in front of the TV by yours truly) and because I would rather get a bit of blogging done while I eat my dinner. What's for dinner, you ask? For Chris and me, a delicious and rather complex vegetable curry and for Jack, his favorite spaghetti and meat balls. He got to choose what he wanted for his dinner tonight because tomorrow morning, the kid is having his adenoids out. I shall bring along a camera and chronicle the event for my Loyal Readers.

I have decided to use mind control on this adenoid thing. I know exactly what they are going to do to my sweet boy, but I have decided to view it all as a black box rather than visualize the procedure. So, I can't describe the procedure here or I would have to visualize it. I know that you understand, Loyal Ones. The entire procedure, once they wheel him in, should take about a half hour. By the way, they don't even cut the adenoids out. They vaporize them.  Poof.  All I can say is that it must smell dreadful.

During the vaporization, I'll keep busy by reading my latest book, S.O.S. Help for Parenting. It's shocking, I know. Your BlooomingtonGirl purchased a self-help parenting book. It wasn't even an impulse buy. I actually ordered it. I normally am completely against the whole self-help book sort of drivel, but I was getting to my wits end with my spoiled child and even more at my wits end with my stupid and ineffectual parenting. Jack knows so well how to push all my buttons (to use a phrase I abhor) and the two of us are so much alike in temperament that I am utterly failing in the parenting trenches.

This book, complete with really dopey illustrations, is going to change my life and enable me to transform my child into a perfect kid.   Not bad for about ten bucks.  I'll keep you posted, of course.

In other news, there really isn't much. Chris and I watched Paths of Glory, an old Stanley Kubrick film last night. It was really quite excellent. Best battle scenes I have seen since I watched Saving Private Ryan. Not bad for a 1957 film.  Kirk Douglas was wonderful.  Well worth seeing.  

Well, I am off. Like the prom dress.

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Anonymous said...

good luck jack! i hope everything goes smoothly with the vaporization process. i wonder if my kids should have their adenoids out...

love from lille,