Monday, March 10, 2008

Jack's Little Surgery

The first picture posted here is of Jack in the surgery center before things got moving this morning. In the second, as you can see, he isn't quite so chipper and happy. He has already received (and spit out half of) his "relaxation cocktail" and is getting sort of moody. Soon after the second photo was taken, they wheeled him into the OR where they allowed him to hold his own gas mask in order to knock him out. They wisely opted to do the gas thing prior to putting in the IV. Jack has a teensy weensy problem with needles.

The day was a long one, I'm not going to lie, Loyal Ones. I don't know what irrational gene controls it, but the whole mom thing is beyond reason. I can honestly say that Jack having his adenoids out ( a VERY minor surgery, I fully know this) was more stressful for me in some ways than when Chris had full on OPEN HEART SURGERY. I have confessed this to Chris and I do think that he does not take it personally. After all, I did rub his feet constantly post surgery. How on Earth can he doubt my love and commitment to him?

I just put Jack to bed, rubbing his back while he fell asleep. Yesterday, he was concerned that the surgeon might slip and "erase his brain" while taking out the adenoids. Jack is displaying some real relief that this is over. I am fully relieved as well. I didn't realize how stressed out I was about it until late afternoon when I began crying and couldn't stop. It felt good to let it all out. What I let out, I am not entirely sure. But, whatever it was, I am glad it was gone.

Well, I am off to watch a little "In Treatment" and then off to bed to read my latest good book, Predictable Irrational" by Dan Arieley. It is a good read and quite interesting. His website for the book is here and it is quite worth visiting. (make sure you click on "demonstrations" and look about. It is pretty fun.)

Good night, Loyal Ones.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of you this morning. It is a stressful time when your little one goes through any type of surgery, big or small.
I'm happy it's over for the three of you. Enjoy your week together!
Peace! :)

Steph said...

I am glad that Jack is OK and that there was no brain erasing! That is a relief, for certain! Best to you all as you heal!