Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BloomingtonGirl Goes on a Diet and Buys a New Bra

Catchy title, isn't it? The two aren't really related, though I suppose if I stay on a diet long enough, I might have to buy all new bras.  

Training bras, probably.  (Training bras?  Who thought of that concept, anyway?  Training for what? )

First, The Diet  

Your BloomingtonGirl has gone on a diet, something she has not done since abandoning her long love affair with the Atkins Diet a couple of years back. 

Soon after moving to Bloomington, I adopted a no diet policy. I decided that dieting was silly and rather than diet,  I would just eat healthy foods and exercise.  You know, move more & eat less.  To be honest with my Loyal Readers, this approach made me feel a bit smug.  I wasn't one of those people that needed to "diet".  I was above all that.  I was a healthy lifestyle person.  

Well, here the healthy lifestyle person is four years and ten Hoosier pounds later. And guess what?  I am not feeling so smug.  Your BloomingtonGirl must have gotten confused about the program and must have eaten a little more and moved a little less.  To be fair, I have had a healthy diet for these four years. However, along the way, I began to relax my standards and started supplementing  said healthy diet with an unhealthy one.  For instance, on a given day I would have a perfectly healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But, then, I'd throw in a bag of cheetos or chips in the late afternoon for good measure.  (Yes, a whole bag.  That would be "eight servings".  Who eats one serving of chips?  Who, I ask you?  E-mail me proof that someone who isn't anorexic does this and  I will pay you ten dollars.)  

Anyway, do you get the picture? And, while I kept up my "moving more" in the cardio area, I stopped lifting weights.  The resulting decrease in muscle mass was quickly offset by an increase in body fat. In Hans & Franz parlance, I became a bit of  a "Flabalanche".  And, since muscle burns more calories than fat, I found it much easier to gain even more weight. Not something I wanted.

Now, Loyal Readers, I do fully realize that I am not anywhere near to being a fatso, so you can spare yourself the effort of getting  all testy about BloomingtonGirl complaining about her weight.   I would be almost content to tote around these extra ten pounds, as long as I don't have to run into any old boyfriends at a beach somewhere.  (One benefit to living in Indiana is that it is land locked and there is, to my knowledge,  only one of my ex-boyfriends here and he is four hours away and far too mature to concern himself with BloomingtonGirl's weight gain.)  

But the pressing problem isn't my appearance.  No, indeed.  It is economically driven.  Nothing fits and  I do not want to go out and buy all new clothes for summer.   Or, more accurately, all new shorts and skirts.  My shirts, for the most part, are large enough to cover the newer, bigger me.   

 In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I can get my shorts on.  However, it isn't an easy process and the resulting look is a huge Glamour Don't.  I look like a BLIVET -- 10 pounds of manure in a 5-pound bag.   Not a good look on anyone, especially a middle aged girl.

So, I guess I am getting around to saying that I have started an actual DIET.  One that has a book and lots of hype.  (When I purchased the book at the bookstore, I was embarrassed about it.  I felt like one of those silly people who believe all the claims of every latest wacko diet.  This one's claim is that you will be able to see your Abs in six weeks.  Just for the record, Loyal Readers, I want you to know that your BloomingtonGirl does NOT believe this.  AT ALL.)

The diet I am on is  Abs Diet for Women.  Today is day seven for me, though I did cheat a bit while my parents were visiting.  I won't say much about the actual 'diet' other than it is full of all healthy foods and mandates smoothies and snacks.  I actually like it.  When I began, I weighed myself and measured my waist and hips and did the BMI and body fat percentage calculations.  In another week, I will repeat my measurements and see how I am doing.  So far, I feel really good but I don't appear to be losing any weight.  And, I am certainly not at all close to seeing any of my abs.   I intend to stick with it because it is so healthy and makes so much sense to me.  It is not as restrictive as Weight Watchers and not as wacky as the Atkins plan.  I'll keep my Loyal Ones posted.  I realize that you are keen to know what happens.   When I fit into my shorts without a muffin top or  a creep-up-the-butt thing going on, I will consider it a success.

Now, the NEW BRA!

When she last visited, my mother-in-law mentioned that the Target house brand bra (Gilligan & O'Malley)  had beaten out the Victoria's Secret Ipex model in a Consumer Reports Study.   As my longer tenured readers know, I am a Victoria's Secret bra wearer.  But, if the folks at Consumer's rated the Target Bra over the VS Ipex Bra, I figured I might want to consider making a change.  (If you read the little study, you will see that the Target Bra beat out the the swanky and costly La Perla model as well!)

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was in Target and saw a Gilligan O-Malley plain old bra for $7.99.  It looked almost exactly the same as the much more expensive VS model I was wearing.  I picked out my size and without trying it on, I brought it home.  

I am here to report, Loyal Readers,  that after one washing (I use a lingerie bag and don't put it (or any bra) in the dryer of course) it appears to be undaunted.  It fits well and is every bit as supportive (okay, not a big deal for us A cups)  and flattering (an accomplishment for your BloomingtonGirl) as the VS model for eight times the cost.    So, even if the Target Brand held up half as well, I would still save a bunch of money.

Count me in, Target.  Count me in!

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Rachael said...

excellent post! i'm kegeling even as we speak -- i know, you really didn't need to know -- and i'm looking forward to raiding target on my trip stateside next month.

i'm also on a diet, i'd lost a bunch of weight thanks to the miracle of dentistry but managed to put it back on again. so off it comes -- again!!

but i was absolutely horrified at the online glamourdon'ts. oh my goodness! someone could get a photo of me and i wouldn't know! i usually cover up pretty well when i go out though.