Monday, May 05, 2008

BloomingtonGirl Weighs In in Indiana

A loyal reader and long time (best-est) friend has asked me to weigh in on Obama in Indiana.  Your BloomingtonGirl has been remiss on this topics and many others including the annual BloomingtonGirl spring cleaning fest, which this year has included an entire set of new hangers for her master closet! 

Alas, I have been meaning to post on these and many other topics, but have not had the time. Tomorrow, I shall brew myself a big cup of locally roasted coffee and sit down and tell all to my patient Loyal Ones.  In the mean time, however, since it is nearing my bed time, I shall simply say a few words about Obama.

I will be casting my vote for Senator Obama in tomorrow's Indiana primary, the only one that has mattered here since 1968 I am told.  My arrival at this decision was not a hasty one and was not the result of going to any rallies for either Obama or Clinton.  (I cannot abide crowds unless I can be assured of essentially no time waiting in line and a good seat at an event.)  Having made my decision, I am steadfast and feel good about my vote.  

After all,  my vote tomorrow will be the only one I will cast that makes any difference at all in the 2008 elections.  In this REDREDREDRED state, my vote won't count in November one bit.  

Stay tuned for further analysis of the state of the election and the state of my spring cleaning.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Joni, I am so pleased with your decision.....and may Reverend Wright continue to guide us to the new world.
Of course I will stand on the bus. And God DAMN America......we just suck completely. It's about time the black folks get back at us for trying to destroy them with the AIDS virus we invented.
What goes around comes around! Who cares if we have to use a different bathroom than the black folk at the next IU basketball game. It's about time us whities understand what that is like!
Also, there are way too many Christians in the US. Let's try to make the Muslim religion more predominant in this great nation of ours.
God Damn Hillary and God Bless Obama Hussein!!!

Anonymous said...

Geeeez, Joni. I didn't know Rush read your blog. Nan

Anonymous said...

Wow, anonymous 12:12 am. You are insane. Maybe you should get more sleep instead of posting this kind of garbage late at night.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,
It is great to know that Dick and I still have an American on our side. Warm regards, W

Anonymous said...

I hope the first anonymous doesn't own a weapon.

Anonymous said...

I guess Obama was right. Way too many angry middle class Americans clinging to their guns, fundamentalist religion, and fear of the unknown.

I understand 12:12. When my life was in the tank, I blamed everyone, not realizing that it didn't do any good. But we're entitled to our opinions, however small minded they may be.

I've spent some time building houses for Habitat for Humanity. If you were to do that, you'd realize that it's not color or religion that makes a person good, bad, or indifferent. It's the level of humanity and humility. 12:12, join the rest of us with a conscience. I think you'll see things differently and you'll feel less angry.