Friday, May 16, 2008

BloomingtonGirl's Guy Plants a Garden

Check it out, Loyal Readers!  Here is the finest man I know out in our back forty (back two or three, actually) showing off his garden.  Our neighbors call it the Denver Airport.  (See photo below for comparison).  

We had our first harvest this week - Spinach!  It was tender and tasty and just perfect.  Since it was so lovely, we didn't cook it and ate it in salad form.   There is one more batch of Spinach to harvest and I am going to try my hand at it a little later.  

I am really happy for my husband, who seems to be getting quite a bit of satisfaction from his farming efforts.  He is growing almost everything from seed.  He has been doing this in a little growing lab in our basement, complete with grow lights and heating pads.  Since your BloomingtonGirl is no gardener (an understatement if there ever was one), I will be helping my husband by freezing and canning his garden fresh produce all summer long.  I am truly not good for much else.  I do like the concept of gardening.  It's the reality that doesn't agree with me.  Much like I like the concept of doing abdominal workouts.   

I am going to go now and harvest the last of our little spinach crop.  Since one can only eat so much raw spinach - there is just so much metallic after taste I can tolerate, anyway -  I am planning to prepare some spinach risotto for dinner tonight and a some spinach ricotta gnocchi for tomorrow's dinner.

Stay tuned for more harvest news.


Neal said...

That garden is quite impressive! It should yield a nutritional cornucopia. Kudos to Chris. That is massive physical work. I planted about 5 square feet of grass last week and got back spasms - I can't imagine doing such a garden. I assume you are using organic techniques, too - even more labor-intensive. Good luck, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Rachael said...

wow, that's some garden! and good for your fella for planting some good food. my guy does it too, we get potatoes, herbs and berries -- raspberries and strawberries.

i stand out there and i think, "i should be doing x in the house" x being anything other than being outdoors.

enjoy the spinach!

.e said...

Wow, to go Chris! I just clicked on the photo & it is a beeeeutiful garden!! (And I know gardens - since my famly owns May's Greenhouse.) We have a big garden too - veggies & flowers. You'll have to check out the blueberry (Plant) man at the Farmer's Market, We bought 4 of his plants - abt. 6 years ago and are getting an impressive crop!)
P.S. Your Annom 12:12 reminds me of the wacko who called me a commie because of my Obama sticker...