Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scenes of Great Beauty

Good Evening, Loyal Readers. I promised yesterday that I would catch you all up and tell all today. Alas, things did not go as I planned and I will not be writing about my closet cleaning or the reason why I voted for Obama today.

This morning, I received news that my friend Barb passed away last night in her sleep. She had a horrible and cruel form of MS for the past twenty years.

Suddenly, blogging about my closet and the elections seemed painfully trivial, so I put it on hold. Instead, I have put up some "Scenes of Great Beauty", if I may borrow the words of the wonderful playwright, Glen Berger. It is important, I think, to always have these things at the ready to remind us of the richness and deliciousness of life, even in the midst of the inevitable tragic things that happen.

The first picture is of my perfect granddaughter, Betsy. The second, of beautiful Jack receiving a carnation after a piano recital. The third is your BloomingtonGirl holding Betsy's little sister, the entirely squeezable Norah.

I am off to bed, Loyal Readers.

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