Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BloomingtonGirl Finishes her Pickles

Loyal Readers, I'm not going to lie. Yesterday, I was so low, I couldn't even think of getting my cucumbers out of their brine in order to finish pickling them. I had started the brine on Sunday night and intended to make Bread & Butter Pickles on Monday. Let's just say that Jack has no camp this week and had no play date yesterday and was overtired. I'll leave it at that because if I write more, you might call the asylum and arrange for a straight-jacketed variety of a pick up of your BloomingtonGirl. Rest easy, Loyal Ones. Things are infinitely better today.

I finally released my cucumbers from their salty sea and finished the pickling process. It is pretty easy and consists of mixing some vinegar and sugar together and then adding spices, onions and the drained cucumbers to the pot. After bringing the mix to a boil, you ladle it into sterilized jars, seal and boil them some more. I made six pints of pickles.

I had some left over, so I added some white pepper and some red pepper flakes as an experiment. I happen to like what resulted quite a bit. However, my husband, who is missing the gene that allows for one to think before one speaks to one's wife about cooking, weight and clothing choices, weighed in a bit differently after he tasted the pickles.

"Honey, did you add artificial sweetener to these?"

Loyal Readers, in the way of background I tell you that to my husband, the taste of artificial sweetener is just about the worst flavor note around. With that, I translate his comment:

"Boy, are these pickles lousy."

Here are some photos of my lousy pickle making for your enjoyment.

Cucumbers in a Salty Sea

The Pickling Brew

Sealed and Ready to Store

The Whole Set-Up

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