Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BloomingtonGirl Picks a Cucumber as Big as Her Head

(please keep any off color jokes to yourself and refrain from comments about my lack of eye make-up)

Loyal Readers, this huge thing almost went undetected. It was hiding behind a big leaf and had driven itself into the ground.

I did my first solo garden harvest today. Usually Chris does it and I have been - honestly - intimidated by the process. My black thumb is well known in this family.

But, just now, I picked some peas, some zucchini and two enormous cucumbers. I feel so mighty! I am off to shell the peas and make some delicious Zucchini Soup. (Make some right away, Loyal Ones. It is Delicious!)

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am said...

Well, I was going to leave my first-ever witty comment on your blog, but since you've warned against off color jokes, I really can't think of a thing to say...