Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bread & Butters

Here a couple of new garden photos. I won't write much because I am tired from all this farm-handing.

The first two photos are of freshly picked cabbages (there are ten more waiting to come into my kitchen!) and of the vegetables we had at dinner tonight. All were grown by Chris except for the tomatoes.

The next two photos show the first two steps to making Your BloomingtonGirl's Delicious Bread and Butter Pickles. First, you taste last year's batch to remind yourself it is worth the effort. Then, you slice 5 1/2 pounds of cucumbers on a Mandoline (one of the best wedding shower presents I got, by the way) to a consistent 1/8 inch thickness. After the slicing is complete, you put the cukes into a salt brine over night. Tomorrow I shall resume the process and photograph it for all my Loyal Ones.


Anonymous said...

This mandoline sure seems like it takes the fun out of a good old fashioned, full tang, hickory handled knife.:-)

Rachael said...

oh my goodness. maybe you and jack should set up a farmer's market stall at the end of your driveway? it all looks sooooo good!

BloomingtonGirl said...

Dear Anonymous, the mandoline might indeed take the fun out of a good old fashioned, full tank, hickory handled knife, but unless you are willing to come to my home and cut all those cucumbers by hand - uniformly, I might add - the mandoline remains.