Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dining Room & Garden Photos

Good Evening, Loyal Ones. I am posting a brief blog tonight just to show you the pictures of my newly wallpapered (but not yet completely accessorized) dining room. The wall paper is just gorgeous and I love it. LOVE IT. Chris said, "Hmm. It's, uh, sort of busy." He is such a good sport.

Also included in this post is a photo of today's lettuce harvest (we will be eating salads all week) and a link to the latest garden photos. (click here)

Off to watch The Wire. Jack goes to day camp tomorrow after two weeks in my hair, oops, I mean, at home, and I hope to have time to write posts that are more interesting.


Rachael said...

oooh, it's gorgeous! i love the wallpaper.

maybe someday, when my little guys are over the wallpaper pulling down phase, we can get some fancy stuff!

Anonymous said...

The room looks fabulous already, can't even imagine "accessorized"!


lynzee said...

the dining room is amazing i loooooooooove it. belongs in a magazine, joni