Saturday, June 07, 2008

Norah and Betsy are Beautiful Girls

And, here is the proof to back that statement up, Loyal Ones.  Yes, I see that Norah does have a bit of unsightly drool around her mouth.   Beauty pageant officials assure me that this will clear up as she heads toward the one year mark and that I should not worry too much about it.    

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks back when our daughter Meg and her husband Abe were visiting with their little angels.  Don't they just make you smile?   

It is Saturday night at 9:10 PM.  Chris is putting Jack to bed - late.  Chris and I had gone out to dinner at Tallent (YUM) this evening and we had our "Manny" babysitting our little guy.  For some reason, our hot little Manny completely spaced on Jack's bedtime.  When Chris and I got home from our little dinner date, instead of Jack being in bed as he should have been, he was in the driveway riding his little scooter while said Manny supervised.  I'd fire him, but let's face it.  He is way too cute and Jack adores him.  

Back to our dinner date...

We went out to Tallent and had a great meal.  Their spring/summer menu is creative and fresh and wonderful and it was just plain relaxing to be served such lovely food and wine and chat with my delightful husband for an hour or so without Sponge Bob in the background or Jack asking me to help him find an obscure Pokemon card in the pile of hundreds of cards he owns.  Unfortunately, when he got into this craze,  a couple of his older friends bestowed their sizable collections of cards upon Jack.   We now have enough to cover the entire floor of our not so  modestly sized family/living room.  And, indeed, the floor is covered.  

Well, Loyal Readers,  I am off to wash my face and brush my fangs and settle in for another episode of "The Wire".  We are about a third of the way into Season Four.  It is a great series and rather addictive.  I think that we will be a bit bereft when we finish it.  Season Five doesn't come out until later this summer.

In other news, there isn't much.  More tomorrow.  If something worth writing about happens, that is. 

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