Monday, June 09, 2008

(Written on Monday Night) BloomingtonGirl Makes Cherry Cobbler and Pickled Watermelon Rind & Jack Makes his Friend Cry

Loyal Readers, Good Evening.  It is almost nine PM and I really shouldn't be on the computer because there is, an usual these days, an electrical storm brewing. Before our home got struck by lightning, I never paid any attention to storms, except to enjoy them from inside my cozy house.  Since we got struck, though, I pay attention.  I am even a bit afraid to go to the bathroom during an intense storm.  Irrational, perhaps.  But, who is to say that electric current couldn't come into the toilet and arc upward.  Need we say more?

Anyway,  I write, a pretty little Cherry Cobbler is in the oven, baking away.   A photo of the pre-biscuited cobbler is at left.  The color in the picture appears a bit off to me.  The actual cobbler is a pretty pink rather than the orange-ish color that is on my screen.  (The pan, by the way, was my mother-in-law's grandmother's !!) 

My husband brought home some sour cherries from the market on Saturday and this evening was the first opportunity I had to make something with them. The woman who grew them promised that this coming weekend there would be more and I am planning to buy several quarts and put up some jars of cherry preserves or jam. The canning season has begun, Loyal Ones. I already made some pickled watermelon rind as an experiment. They turned out really well. Very sweet, but delicious.

Jack went to Cooking Camp today. It's a two week, all day camp at his school. I was thrilled to have him enrolled and almost giddy when I dropped him off at 8AM today. It isn't that I don't love my child so much it hurts. It's just that if I have to play a Pokemon game with him one more time, I might blow my brains out.   How could that be a good thing?

So, today at camp, Jack got put into a group with one of his best friends (let's call her Anne) and his "arch enemy", (let's call her Cici). Both, as is obvious, are girls. Anne and Cici are friends, much to Jack's distress. Cici, according to Jack, is a bully who founded a  club called "Ex-Jack" the  purpose of which is to pick on Jack and make his life a living H-E-double hockey sticks. Jack cannot understand how Anne can be friends with Cici and it makes him "crazy mad". The bottom line is that Cici and Jack spent most of the day fighting over Anne, each pushing her to dump the other.  The result was that Anne was made miserable and went home crying. Jack was mean to Anne in the process and her mother, a good friend of mine, had to call me tonight to give me the news that Anne was cancelling her play date with Jack tomorrow, so distraught was the poor Anne. I, of course, heard nothing of this except that Cici was mean to Jack today. Ah, selective reporting.

I make it a policy to not get involved in the drama of the seven-year-old social scene but I made an exception tonight by encouraging Jack to phone Anne to make things right. The poor kid felt so bad for what he had done, he blurted out "I'm Sorry" and had to hand the phone to me because he started to bawl.  

It reinforced what I believe to be true.  I can talk to Jack until I am blue in the face about controlling his temper and thinking of the impact of his words.  But, until he feels the impact of it from his friends, he won't learn it.  I'll keep trying, but I think that the "playground" is the best teacher.  

The cherry cobbler is done and looks luscious.  Too bad that I am on the Abs Diet and nowhere in that plan is there a cobbler option.  Still, I will have a taste.  Just a taste, mind you.  I am three weeks (I think) into the plan and can fit in some of my last summer's clothes.  I am encouraged enough to stick with it.  Besides, the smoothies are delish.


Steph said...

Yummmmmmmm! And I hope Jack's playground troubles vanish!

Anonymous said...

My friend Debbie from New Bedford loves to make cherry clafouti, which I have enjoyed with her on occasion. Might give it a try (probably fewer carbs). MKP