Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is it just me...

...or has Lance Armstrong become totally annoying? The photo here is old news, taken ages ago - last December. Now, he is linked romantically to Kate Hudson. The last good thing that happened to him was whatshername, the singer...the one he was engaged to. Lucky for her they broke it off.

Grow up, Lance. You have kids for goodness sake.

And, now he's hawking some bogus energy boosting vitamin hooey. I've worked with that industry before so I know how much bull they can sling around in their health claims.

As if he doesn't already have enough money! What's next? Lance Armstrong erectile dysfunction pills?

I know that he has done lots of "Live Strong" good, but he really annoys me.

There. That's off my smaller than average chest.

I think that I might be cranky, again Loyal Readers. No, no. Not from constipation. (Happily, that problem has passed, so to speak.) I am cranky because I keep injuring myself in the kitchen. The weird part is that it isn't like me to have all these kitchen mishaps. I am starting to get a little nervous in my kitchen, if you must know the truth.

Today, for instance, I was grating cheese - carefully, I might add - and one of the small pointer grater points jumped right out and stabbed me in the palm, where my skin is already very sensitive and dry. Ouch. Then - and this is the big one that hurts A LOT - I burned my right palm this evening while making - God only knows why - strawberry jam. I was putting an empty jar into the almost boiling water bath (using my safe little jar gripper thingy) and I did it too fast. The jar filled rapidly with water and a big splash came flying out right onto my palm. By the time I had gotten over to the sink, blisters had formed AND broken. It was sort of amazing. They have reformed now.

You will be glad to know that I finished the jam using a combination of an ice filled plastic glove and a bowl of ice water. The one enjoyable thing about a second degree burn is the relief you feel when you put ice on it. AAHHHHH. Nice. A small third degree burn is preferable since you feel nothing. One can't be too picky when it comes to burns.

So, the jam is finished - I made up the recipe, by the way. I added some cranberries and cherries to up the pectin (strawberries have very little) so that I wouldn't have to add commercial pectin. I don't know why but I have something against that. Weird, but true.

The jam jelled nicely and it has a beautiful color. It is a bit sweet, but still nice. Organic strawberries were on sale at Bloomingfoods for 99 cents per pound so I felt compelled. Next time, I will keep on walkin'. Tomorrow I have to jar up two crocks of kraut that have been fermenting in the basement. After that, I think I'm done for awhile. Let's face it. It is just too dangerous.

Jack has been sick this week with a cold. He goes to camp - insists on going and seems well enough in the AM - but by late afternoon, he is down for the count. Poor little guy. It has been so long since he had any kind of cold that I forgot how they hang on for him. I hope he turns the corner tomorrow.

In other news, I finished a new book called The Opposite of Love by Julie Buxbaum. I read a piece by her in the New York Times that interested me. I wrote to her and she wrote back to me, so I thought the least I could do is buy her first book. It is pretty good, actually. A relatively fast read, a bit overwritten in parts for my taste, but a good solid novel.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about all your kitchen accidents. I would think having one bandaged digit might make you a bit clumsy and make it easier to hurt yourself again. Maybe you should take a break until everything is healed.
Your pickles sound delicious. I'm intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Please update your blog! This picture of Lance and one of those twins is it?? is bummimg me out! How about a picture of the garden or a bowl of lettuces! Thanks.
From a reader in need of new inspiration!

BloomingtonGirl said...

Dear FOK,
I'm witcha on that one soul sistah. I have been so busy lately, I almost forgot that I had a blog. I took a look at it today and got a little sick to my stomach looking at Lancehole.
I'll be posting later today.
Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Lance thing. It was Sheryl Crow, I think she's well rid of him. There, that's off my now-even-smaller-than-smaller-than-

If I bring you some freshly baked scones, can I taste the jam on them.