Tuesday, July 01, 2008

King Kong

Loyal Ones, Jack and I are taking a little down time this afternoon and watching the original King Kong movie.  It is FABulous.  Jack really likes it so far and the star of the show has not yet appeared.  There are so many crack ups in the movie.  The cook on the ship is a "Chinaman" with the whole "me no like this" speech complete with the r's and l's mixed. His name, of course, is Charlie.  the clincher is that he is an African American wearing Foo Manchu style moustache.   It reminds me of some movie we saw years ago with Charlton Heston cast as a Mexican.  No matter that he was completely NOT Mexican and affected no accent.  It was okay because he had a stereotypical thin moustache.

Anyway, the movie is great fun and the plot thin enough that I can blog at the same time. Bonus.

Yesterday, we went to see Wall-E.  Wonderful and sweet.  I guess we are on a movie roll.  It's summer., what can I say?

DRAT.  Jack just lost interest in the movie.  He wants the "new and improved one.  They didn't even put color in this one!"

So much for the classics.

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