Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Late Night Update

This will be brief, Loyal Readers, because I have had a very very very long day. This morning, I drove out to the middle-of-nowhere, or Clay City, to go to the famous Clay City Pottery to purchase ceramic crocks (or "jars" in parlance). It was a rural drive with scenic views. I now know that Jesus loves me because there were two bill boards en route that told me so. When I saw the first sign, I had some doubt as to how the sign maker knew that Jesus loved me in particular but when I saw the second, I took it as a sign, so to speak. In addition, I learned what the letters of the word BIBLE stand for. Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. Who knew?

After spending about twenty minutes in the run down little shop that is Clay City Pottery, I left with five large crocks, one small crock, one pie plate and a slight cough from all the airborne clay dust in the place. The price was very reasonable because the crocks were all seconds. They are plenty good enough for brining, though.

My afternoon was filled with many tasks and errands, some a bit odious if I may be honest. One bright spot, however, was checking on my Smoky Tea Pickles. The brine smells so incredibly GOOD! I can't describe the aroma and do it real justice. But, I will say that it is an interesting mix of smoky and spicy and garlic notes. If the pickles taste half as good as the brine smells, we will have a hit.

I am off now to continue to read Lady Chatterley's Lover. An interesting tale. Not one of my favorite books but worth a read.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we got our new yogurt maker today. Before you know it, this house will be one big fermenting vessel.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have come on your big expedition! I am impressed that you now have the heavy-duty (emphasis on heavy) equipment that you require to process the amazing produce your DH is bringing in from the (septic) fields....

Tell us which evening you are sampling at the IUOP and we will be there....

BloomingtonGirl said...

Dear Anonymous,
If I had only known! I would have loved your company.
Today, I intend to start Russian Soured Cabbage & Kimchi. Then, I have to put up some pickled red cabbage.
A farmer's wife's work is never done, alas.
Yours in bacteria & yeast,