Thursday, July 31, 2008

Peter Piper

This is only the beginning of my husband's pepper harvest, Loyal Ones. I fear that you may never see your BloomingtonGirl again in person. Alas, she may never get out of her kitchen with so many peppers to preserve.

What was he thinking? That there would be a shortage of sweet bell peppers this summer? That peppers would suddenly become our family's staple food?

But look at him, the dear man. He is so proud of his bounty. In addition to the peppers, I was presented with a bucket of fresh basil this morning, which I made into a base for pesto that is now in our freezer. Also, there is a large pot of jalapeno peppers awaiting some kind of processing as well. Oh, and did I mention the ten or fifteen acorn squashes and the twenty butternut squashes that are lying around, silently demanding my attention?

If anyone out there wants to get my husband back into a regular golf game or perhaps an every-weekend hiking trip to ease him out of the garden mania and in the process help me out of the kitchen, contact me, okay?


Anonymous said...

Chris HAS to blog soon about how AWESOME his wife is for 'putting up' (with) his garden! Please take a photo of your pantry shelves and freezer which must be stocked/stacked with his bounty and your ball jars!

BloomingtonGirl said...

Alas, Oh Loyal FOK,
This may be a shock, but my husband almost never reads BloomingtonGirl's blog! I had to forward your comment to him so that he could see it.

As soon as time allows, I'll photograph my pantry and my fridge. But for now, nature calls and she is a tyrant.