Tuesday, July 01, 2008

PIckle Update

Good Morning, Loyal Readers.  Because I know you have been wondering about my Half-Sours, I am posting a little update for you.  At left is the latest photo of my little babes, fermenting away.  I came up with the brilliant idea of placing Pizza Express cups on top of the plastic bags because they kept flopping one way or the other.  The cups stabilize the bags beautifully.  

Since this is my first ever batch of Half-Sours, I am not sure how they are coming along.  The pickle juice was somewhat clear yesterday with some brown cloudiness on the bottom.  Today, the cloudiness is throughout the jar with no brown tinge at all.  I am hoping that this is the way it should be.  My husband said that they are beginning to look like his grandmother's pickles.  Translation:  "Phew.  These pickles look right, honey."  (He was visibly relieved today after observing with concern the brown tinge yesterday. )

The smell of them remains wonderful, so I doubt anything untoward is going on in the jars.  Bubbles are starting to form as described in the recipe.   So far, so good.  (I think.)

Tomorrow they go into the fridge for a three day wait.  And then, the proof of the pickles will be in the tasting...

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