Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In Case Anyone is Wondering

Why I haven't posted or called or written or anything....

I am up to my neck in peppers. Chris brought this basket in from the garden yesterday. Jack said, "Mommy, aren't you a little annoyed with Daddy's garden yet?"

The answer is, well, YES.

These are banana peppers and mariachi peppers. How many of these can one family eat? They were picked a bit prematurely so we are ripening them in bags with tomatoes, a good source of ethylene, a chemical that hastens ripening in peppers. Thank goodness for my husband I am a Food Scientist.

Speaking of Food Science, I embraced The Dairy Queen within this week and made two types of homemade cheese and homemade peach ice cream. The first cheese was ricotta - a cinch to make. Cooking Light has a very easy recipe here. The cheese was really good, by the way. I was left, however, with over a gallon of whey. I went to my oracle to ask what to do with the whey and found a recipe for Norwegian Gjotest Cheese. Pretty much all I had to do to make this unusual cheese was to slowly simmer the whey for a long time - about 5 hours- in an open pot and then scrape it into a greased pan.

It wasn't much effort. That's a good thing because if it had been, I would be pretty disappointed in the results. I think that the cheese came out as it was supposed to, but this isn't a cheese I would ever want to eat twice. It is, if this is even possible, extremely tangy, extremely salty and extremely sweet all at once. And, I mean EXTREMELY. It looks like a piece of caramel fudge. Very odd indeed.

I'll be finding another use for my ricotta whey, folks.

Off to swim with my little guy. One week until school starts and I become a grown up person again.


Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man!!!

Anna said...

I'd like to try making Gjetost! It's bizarre, but I love it in tiny little bites. :) Do you still have the recipe?

BloomingtonGirl said...

The recipe for ricotta is in this post. If you make ricotta, you'll get all the whey you need to make Gjetost. I used the link below as my recipe for Gjetost: (it won't all fit here so I had to put it on two lines)