Sunday, August 17, 2008

Odds & Ends

Loyal Ones, I have a few minutes -probably a very few, unfortunately - to write a brief post to this neglected space. The first two pictures hint at the story of my recent life. Harvest, harvest and more harvest. The third picture is of a tiny spider web in our back yard with a little red spider in the middle. There are hundreds of these webs visible in the mornings, lit by the sun on dew. Gorgeous and amazing. And, I'm not even a nature girl. Believe me.

Jack started second grade so I have even more time on my hands to process vegetables. What I have come to realize is that I don't even like vegetables all that much. I mean, I like them if someone else is fixing them. For instance, if I were making a dinner for myself of steak or chicken, I wouldn't bother making a vegetable other than a salad and even that is iffy. If I am serving a pasta type entree for a dinner party, I never think of doing a separate vegetable besides a salad. But, my husband for some reason MUST have a vegetable at each meal (even veggie juice with breakfast) so I always prepare one. I know it is healthy, but I am just coming clean. I never miss them when they aren't there. And look! Here they are all around me.

Last night, I made basil ice cubes with extra basil from our garden. I chopped up the fresh leaves and put a generous tablespoon into each section of an ice cube tray. I covered the leaves with water and froze. This morning, I put the cubes into a freezer bag for use in recipes over the winter. I am a genius. Well, whoever suggested this process on the web is a genius. Tomorrow, I am making some hot red pepper jelly. The picture here should make it obvious why.

I am off to clean up my road bike and put some air in the tires so that I can ride it this week after over a year break from riding. If I don't ride today, I will go to the pool. In any event, I am hoping to get out of the house before Chris and Jack come home from playing tennis. Chris willingly, Jack practically at gun point. My guess is that they won't be gone long and at least one of them will come back complaining about the cruel conditions they've been subjected to.


Esmerelda said...

It was nice seeing you at Beth's the other day. I hope to see you in class this fall. I wanted to let you know that I got tagged at my blog and now I am tagging you.

Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Joni! Just catching up.... :-) So loving your blog and all that is going on in your fun family!! Worried.when I saw Jacks hospital photos..but glad his brain was not erased by accident! :-) the pickles were pretty funny ...I love it... thanks for keeping on with it...such a nice momento...and your writing style...I really love it.
Cheers, your loyal reader...anne

PS - how was the tutu ... ok? I feel badly the wrong tutu was shipped..did it work out? I didn't hear from you...