Friday, September 12, 2008

Untitled the name of the new ten minute play I am attempting to write. More on that one later.

Your BloomingtonGirl went swimming at the IU Outdoor Pool at noon in the pouring down rain. It was so incredibly GREAT! The rain was cold and the pool was not quite as cold. It was bracing and invigorating. I LOVE the outdoor pool and will be so sad when post season swim is over at the end of the month.

In other news, Jack had his first session of tennis class tonight. It is a two hour group lesson in which they rotate to different places in the IU Tennis Center and have different skills taught by a variety of instructors. It is lively and fun. He fought me tooth and nail about it but I made him go. I think he even enjoyed himself, though not as much as someone who doesn't mind working up a sweat would. He really does hate to exert himself. I hope that changes for his sake.

In other other news, I am getting ready for company next week. We are having a little family get together to celebrate Kate and Phil's nuptials. I think that I will serve lots of pepper dishes. Stuffed peppers, pepper casserole, grilled stuff with hot pepper jelly get the idea. Maybe by the end of the week, I'll be out of peppers. What a cryin' shame that will be.

Off to watch the Daily Show and climb into bed with the object of my passion these laptop with my play writing program.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BloomingtonGirl Stands Corrected

Sarah Palin has indeed been out of the country to visit AK national guardsmen in Kuwait and Germany has refueled in Ireland.

I stand corrected but this in no way alters my views.

Enough said (again) about Sarah. She might be poised to ruin many peoples lives, but why let her ruin my day, right?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jack on Heaven and Other Things

Jack's Vision of Heaven.

The other day, Jack was talking about Heaven.

I said, "So, you believe in Heaven, eh?"

And he said, "Of course. It is where you go when you die."

I said, "Will you be Jack McGary walking around there?"

He said, "Well, no. But my spirit will be there."

He paused a moment and reflected. Then he said wistfully, "I hope I can still fart in Heaven."

There you have it. The priorities of an eight year old boy. I believe that passing gas might just be one of his greatest joys.

Other Things:

I know my Loyal Readers have expected a spate of venom to be issued forth from the ranting pen of your BloomingtonGirl about a certain event that I can characterize as the worst of all US sponsored disasters to befall this world since we invaded Iraq. You will not be surprised to know that I am having none of this absurd nonsense dressed up as appropriate politics as usual. But, I won't be writing about it at this point because I truly do not have anything to add to the already brilliant material that is surfacing all over the news and Internet. I feel it necessary, however, to provide a link to the most disturbing of all of the material (besides the simple and deeply true commentary that no matter what this person's views, she is entirely ill equipped to run this country at this point in her career. I don't believe the woman has ever left the country - well, maybe she has been to Canada.) I thank my friend Dotty for bringing this to my attention.

The Third Wave

Why is it that the main stream so called liberal media ignores this when they were all too happy to pile on Obama for his association with a minister who was out of step (okay, in a big way at the end) with reasonable blacks and whites is a tribute to the skill of the RNC. They are amazing. If I ever had to spin something, I would hire them right away.

I will add that if you find the whole thing as disturbing as I do, there are just three things to do.

1. Write a check to the Obama/Biden campaign.
2. Vote for Obama in November and urge everyone you know to do the same.
3. Watch the clips from the Daily Show on the RNC. They are so hilarious that they really do ease the pain of it all.

Here is one that just sums up all the double talk and cracks me up:

The Sarah Palin Gender Card

Enough said about Sarah.

In other news, I have been keeping very busy taking piano lessons and practicing quite a bit. It is very humbling to work so hard at something and not get all that much better. I am also taking a Playwriting course at IU for credit. More on that later. I am off to watch The Daily Show.