Friday, September 12, 2008

Untitled the name of the new ten minute play I am attempting to write. More on that one later.

Your BloomingtonGirl went swimming at the IU Outdoor Pool at noon in the pouring down rain. It was so incredibly GREAT! The rain was cold and the pool was not quite as cold. It was bracing and invigorating. I LOVE the outdoor pool and will be so sad when post season swim is over at the end of the month.

In other news, Jack had his first session of tennis class tonight. It is a two hour group lesson in which they rotate to different places in the IU Tennis Center and have different skills taught by a variety of instructors. It is lively and fun. He fought me tooth and nail about it but I made him go. I think he even enjoyed himself, though not as much as someone who doesn't mind working up a sweat would. He really does hate to exert himself. I hope that changes for his sake.

In other other news, I am getting ready for company next week. We are having a little family get together to celebrate Kate and Phil's nuptials. I think that I will serve lots of pepper dishes. Stuffed peppers, pepper casserole, grilled stuff with hot pepper jelly get the idea. Maybe by the end of the week, I'll be out of peppers. What a cryin' shame that will be.

Off to watch the Daily Show and climb into bed with the object of my passion these laptop with my play writing program.


Rachael said...

Can't wait to hear more about the play!

Enjoy the post-wedding party! And good luck pushing those peppers.

Tutu Girlfriend said...

So excited to hear more about the play!!

Congrats to Kate and Phil! Where does the time go!! i love the pepper theme because it will be tasty but also meaningful...those are the things that are remembered...the meaningful! You are the BEST!!!

Speaking of meaningful..but off the topic of Fun, Love and Wonderful Writing......the SNL link..have to include..I am bubbling up with many days till the election???..I am scared! Seriously...come on!! this a joke??!! Pinch me!! The real Sarah ran her same speech for the last week...oh my gosh..even after most of it was found to be LIES!!!!! Scary!!! Do you think McCain is on heavy meds??? Why would he let her still say such crap all week!! Yikes! People...!!!
Sorry..I will not write about this again...just need to vent!!

Steph said...

Looking forward to hearing about the play!