Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yes, I'm Still Alive

I have heard some rumbling lately from Loyal Readers about the absence of posts on this very site. For the three of you who are still checking my it is! A brief post from a BloomingtonGirl who has had the best of days and the worst of days all in this very day.

First, the best thing. I finally completed a play! Yippee! Hooray! Granted, it was an assignment for a class at IU that I am taking, but still, I feel pretty good about it. It is a ten minute play (maybe less) called "The One". I got to have mine read in class today by some other students who played the various parts and it was really gratifying to hear it. More gratifying than that was that it resonated with the 20-year old kids. I didn't expect it to. I was so happy about having finished a play that I felt like I was walking on air the rest of the afternoon.

Then, things went terribly south in my day for no single reason. The tipping point was when I dropped a Pyrex measuring cup in the sink and it shattered all over and I mean ALL OVER the place. It was the second one I've broken in about a week. I hate when that happens. I pathetically began to cry about all the things that have been bugging me for weeks, months, maybe my whole life. Who the hell can tell, really? Nothing in particular, every thing in general. My poor husband was completely baffled. I would have been baffled myself but I was putting all my energy into a world class cry so I had nothing left for self reflection. It's probably for the best. Self reflection may be flawed by an inherent conflict of interest anyway. Think about it.

In other news, Jack is acing his times tables tests in school and I find myself wanting to ask him what everyone else in his class is getting on the little tests they have to take. It is amusing to see this petty little competitive parent side of me pop up from time to time. I mean, really. Like it matters what other eight year-olds are getting on the tests. I'd love to say that I am not one of "those" parents, but isn't every one of us deep down, one of "those" parents?

In other, other news, my husband's garden continues to yield a bounty of peppers, sweet and hot. I have eaten more peppers in the last month than in all of my 46 years on this planet. We read that a chemical in hot peppers releases endorphins in your brain much as a long run does. If that's the truth, I should be elated.

Off to bed to read and count my blessings. They're like sheep, only better.


Anonymous said...

good...I was starting to worry... sorry about the pyrex..but maybe it was just time for a good cry!

I wonder if the peppers have to be fresh to get the good chemicals..but will give it a is on the top of my list!! What will happen if I rub it on my face? I will try that also...never know!!

crongrats on your play!!!
Always love your blog!!

BloomingtonGirl said...

You are a riot! Let me know how the pepper facial goes. If it works, maybe I'll try it on my butt.
We could go into business together with a whole line of topical pepper products.
Good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear from you again, Bloomingtongirl, and I'm so glad you finished your play! What's it about?

When I lived in Texas, I used to go to this little Mexican restaurant that had incredibly hot salsas, which we'd eat till the sweat and tears were rolling down our faces. Now I know I was, as usual, self-medicating. Just keep the pepper facial out of your eyes. Ouch!

Keep writing. I love to read your blog.


Network Diva said...

Butt??!! I had not thought of that..(and upper knees)...I will give it a we could call it the Do it yourself Great Depression Revisited Pepper Patches...

My new things is- and now you are really going to laugh...I put black coffee in my popsicle tray...this morning..I pulled the popsicle out and rubbed the cold coffee ice under my eyes...(just a little bit) Alex..wanted to have a pop..but said it was a coffee pop..."no thank you!" Not sure if it worked..but I will do it again tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

great to hear from you! congratulations on completing your play! and that's wonderful that you had great feedback.


Anonymous said...

Peppers give you gas