Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BloomingtonGirl is a Daughter of the American Revolution...Or is she?

Jack's class is doing some kind of "We are all Pilgrims" stuff for Thanksgiving and as a part of that, we had to send him to school with information on his ancestry.  In Jack's words, "I need facts for my research."  I called my parents to get some of those facts.  My mother is a first generation American, her parents having come over from Austria in 1914.  But, my dad's family has been here forever.  While we were going over the family tree, he mentioned that his mother was a Daughter of the American Revolution and that his paternal grandmother was as well.   I laughed and said that I was going to look into joining, since I clearly met the qualifications for membership - female, over 18 years old who could prove lineage back to someone who fought in the Revolutionary War.  I wasn't entirely serious.  I don't even know what they are really about.  I just thought it sounded cool.

I happened to call my parents today and my dad started in on the subject of the D.A.R.  He said that he called the local chapter to see if my being adopted disqualified me for membership.  (WHAT?) The woman said that she would bring the topic up at some "big meeting" coming up on December 9th.  

I didn't say it to him, but I was completely baffled by my dad's actions.  Why on Earth would he call the D.A.R. and queer my chances for membership?  Let's just say I was serious about joining and this inquiry revealed that I wasn't eligible because my dad spilled the beans about my true bloodline.  Surely my dad cannot be more concerned about the purity of the blood in the D.A.R. than about the emotional well being and patriotic ambitions of his favorite daughter?  (Okay, I am probably not his favorite but I am at least second or third, since there are only three of us.)  What an odd and funny thing to do and, if I have to say, so very him to do something like that.   

I gently pointed out to him that there probably wasn't a need for him to call seeing as that my birth certificate has my adopted name on it and nobody would be the wiser since there is no indication on it that it is not the original one, which reveals my "real" name - gasp!- of Margaret Anne Pierce.   Then,  I thanked him for checking into it.  I am a good D. O. R., after all.  (Daughter of Richard).  Or for accuracy, should I say D.A.B.R.?  (Daughter Adopted By Richard)

Well, stay tuned for news on my D.A.R. saga.  It will actually be interesting if they reject me on the basis of my actual birth rather than my upbringing.  

Off to see a rehearsal of my play!!!!!  

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Staples, Duct Tape & Fabric Tape & Big News For BloomingtonGirl

Jack asked me if I could make a Haunter Costume for him for Halloween.  Haunter is a Pokemon.  I waited until the very last minute, of course.  So, on Friday, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, where fortunately, they had lavender sheet sets on sale for $9.99.  I bought a set and went home to work my magic.  Since I don't sew - shocking, I know, Loyal Readers, considering how homemak-ey I can be - I used staples and duct tape.  Staples to "sew" the pieces together and duct tape to protect my little guy's head from getting stabbed by the staples.  I stuffed the points on either side of the face with scrap material and then duct taped the stuffing into each point.  It wasn't a study in good craftsmanship but it lasted for trick-or-treating and that was my goal.  Plus, when Jack saw it he exclaimed, "You're Amazing!"  It made my entire week.  Keep in mind that lately, Jack just works on me and tells me everything I do wrong, so that was a nice moment.  

Trick-or-Treating was perfect.   Just the right amount of time and Jack didn't fight me on going home.  He didn't get a complete overload of candy and besides, about half of it isn't safe for him to eat anyway.  We take the unsafe stuff and leave it out for the Great Pumpkin who comes and delivers a toy in exchange for the nut containing treats.  Unfortunately, though, said Pumpkin was clueless this year and brought Jack something that he already had.  He was, needless to say, a bit crushed.  He is starting to suspect that we are Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy & the Great Pumpkin.  There are a couple friends of his whispering in his ear about this.  I want to slap them, if I must be honest.  I am not ready for Jack to KNOW.  

I sometimes feel really silly keeping these stupid myths/lies going with him.  We always, after all, tell him the truth as we see it about other things.  But, I just want him to have Santa as long as possible.  There is time enough to be all grown up.

In other (BIG) news, your BloomingtonGirl is going to become a produced playwright!!!! The Bloomington Playwright's Project (BPP) is going to produce my play entitled 100% Distracted as part of their annual Sex/Death Showcase in December.  There will be ten short plays produced and mine will be one!!!! I am over the moon about this.  It is really thrilling to think that something I made up and wrote down will be acted out on stage for real.  The show runs Dec 9-13 and 15-17.  Performances are at 10PM.  It is part of the BPP's Dark Alley Series of Shows that is put on late at night for grown ups.   I would say "mature audiences" but that sounds so, well, PORN.  And, even though my play is a bit racy, it isn't that.  

Well, I am off to do some homework for my play writing class and then off to bed an hour earlier than usual.  I LOVE the Fall Back Day!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Sweet Moment

Jack and I in Central Park last weekend.  He skated with his sister KK and  her wonderful friend Jose.  I love this picture and wanted to share it with my Loyal Readers.