Monday, December 01, 2008

My New Muse

Yes.  It's the Virgen de Guadalupe.   She is the "perfect model of wife and mother" according to the back of my $2.99 candle that I picked up at Kroger yesterday.  My candle has a slightly jazzier Virgen (yes, that is how it is spelled on the candle) and I just love it.  I am burning it every day on my desk while I write.  

And, yes.  I do think that she will work for me even though I am not a believer in the traditional stuff of Christianity.  She is just so cool in her crazy print cape and dress and fabulously fashionable crown.  I love her.

I would post some other news but I have to get together a little portfolio of my writing so that I can submit it to an English prof at IU.  I am trying to get into a course without pre-requisites and have to submit some writing.  Wish me luck.  Oh, that's right. I probably won't need luck now that I have my Virgen of Guadalupe on my desk.  She rocks.


Anonymous said...

see, that's what i miss about america -- you can't find that kind of thing at a regular shop here. i used to go to the store 24 for a virgin or jesus candle. here i have to go to church (notre dame de paris sells a very expensive one).

one of the best gifts i ever got was a virgin of guadalope snow globe on a gold-laminated perch from l.a. unfortunately our cat knocked it over and now i just have glow-in-the-dark black madonnas from spain. sigh.

good luck with the class!


Anonymous said...

i broke my glow-in-the-dark madonna from espana today. i'm slightly heartbroken.

hope all is well there!

Steph said...

Hi! Great candle! I saw the plays last night - very fun!!! Enjoyed yours a great deal. Conrats!

P M Zest said...

Hey Joni,

Wednesday my husband shattered his wrist falling on the ice. Saturday we got your card. I grabbed the mail on the way to the hospital and opened your card in the outpatient surgery waiting room, where my husband and I sat laughing our heads off. I'm sure glad I'm on your Christmas card list!

Thanks for the best Christmas present we're likely to get this year.