Thursday, August 27, 2009

BloomingtonGirl Loves Her Shoes & Other Thoughts on This Thursday

Loyal Readers, here is a picture of one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Aren't they completely sassy? This particular photo does not do my ankles justice, if I do say so myself. My calves, clavicles & ankles are bony - perhaps the only parts of my body I don't endlessly fret over. But, as I used to say, I digress.

I love these shoes. I must, Loyal Ones, because I continue to wear them as often as my sartorial choices allow even though they sometimes cause me to be thrown to the ground in a conspiracy with uneven walkways and gravity. The platforms on the shoes are slanted inward making it much too easy to turn the wearer's ankle. This has happened three times so far in my case. Once, in Manhattan, in the middle of the day. Splat! It could happen to anyone, a well meaning passer-by murmured as she helped me to my feet. The second time, in front of a church where I was helping plan a friend's funeral. I left the building to get something in my car and went down. My dress flew up over my head and there I was, in front of God and everyone, lying on the pavement with my underwear showing. Fortunately, they were a very nice pair: one I would not have been ashamed of had I had a car accident and ended up in the ER having to have them cut off by people I might in the future see at a hospital cocktail hour or benefit. The third time was last weekend in Indy, en route from the restaurant to my show. (!!!) I was just thankful I didn't break my wrist. I did break the skin on the heel of my hand. Since we were staying in a hotel without a first aid kit at the ready, I washed out the wound with Hilton Mouthwash. The sting reassured me that I was indeed disinfecting the injury. I am, after all, a doctor's wife and I worry about terrible unlikely infections that just might happen any time, any place.

My relationship with these shoes is like an unhealthy, unrequited love. I just can't give them up no matter how many times they throw me down. Worse, I long for a few more pairs in other colors. Is this a sickness? I think it might be. Sadly, though, I am not interested in the cure.

In other news, I am making tomato jam as I write. I don't know what Tomato Jam is either, but I am making it. The recipe leads me to believe it is simply a concentrated form of fancy Catsup (or is it Ketchup?) But, it used up eight pounds of tomatoes so far, so it is a good thing. Earlier today, I canned several jars of crushed tomatoes. I complain about all this but my deep dark secret is that I get a whole lot of satisfaction from this. It is way too time consuming but having a pantry full of home grown canned goods and a freezer full of vegetables from my husband's garden makes me happy in the off season.

Well, my Darling Loyal Ones, I am off to finish my jam and to watch an episode of Mad Men.

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Anonymous said...

I got 3 new pairs of sandals the other day -- Noat, Dansko and Taos. The sales lady was surely skeptical of me and kept saying that 'this is a final sale you know, you can't return them.' Doesn't she know I hate shopping and that when I find a pair of shoes (or 3) that actually fit, feel good and are in my size I don't care what the price is? (Within reason of course). There were on sale too but I'm sure she thought I stole the credit card and was a fake. Too bad she's the only good store within 200 miles or I'd boycott. Oh well, I guess I should chill.
Wow, your shoes throw you down? I wouldn't broken an ankle by now with those things. Talk to you soon, I'm a sad/thrilled empty nester.