Friday, August 14, 2009

What a difference a day makes, Loyal Readers. This is Jack on his second day of school. No hair gel, just straight bed head. He rarely grins for the camera because he is self conscious about his front tooth, which came in a half inch higher than it was supposed to and is longer than normal. He will actually be getting limited braces later this year to fix it. Then, he will realize his dream of being a ladies' man.

This photo shows what is left of the masterpiece I prepared earlier today. A delicious strawberry rhubarb cobbler. It was incredibly good, all modesty aside. I never have any modesty anyway, so who am I kidding? It was excellent. I shall post the recipe on my other blog later this week. Check it out: Really Great Recipes.

In other news, I cleaned like a maniac today, fueled by an avoidance of writing I have not known in some time. At least I am productive as a result. Either my house will be immaculate by the end of next week or I will have moved my characters along in some kind of meaningful way. Stay tuned, Loyal Ones, because I know you are indeed on the edges of your seats.

In other other news, I had dinner with one of my very best friends, Jenny, this evening. We went to Samira and had their usual delicious Afghani fare and a bottle of wine. Jenny recently had a shocking pink streak put into her hair. I am surprised to report that I am now inspired to do the same. My husband has put in his vote - a nay - but I might just go ahead and get one anyway. I'll put it in the back or back to one side and see if he notices it. Given how short my hair is as of late, it won't be there more than a month, so even if he hates it, he won't have to hate it for long. Remember that this is the man who suffered through my Billy Idol stage when I dyed my hair platinum. I haven't had the urge to dye any or all of my hair in ages but somehow, seeing the crazy color in my friends hair made me want some for myself. Mid life crisis? You make the call.

Well, I am off to bed to read one of my Sewanee Conference books, The End of California by Steve Yarbrough. I am quite taken in by the book, even though there is, by my not so reliable standards, a good amount of football in it. Steve Yarbrough did a moving reading from the book at Sewanee so I bought it. Glad I did. It is a keeper.

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