Saturday, October 24, 2009

Play Off Euphoria

Good Morning, Loyal Ones. Last night, I was up until well well past my bedtime writing The Love Translator, a brilliant new play, all modesty aside. ( I know, your BloomingtonGirl hasn't much modesty to push aside, but still.)

I had to write a ten minute script that incorporated a baseball bat as a prop, the line "Failure is Not an Option" and has the theme, Lost in Translation. My play is about a completely mismatched couple at a resort who go to a "Love Translation" class. I had one evening to write the play (or all night, but your BloomingtonGirl can't forgo her beauty rest.)

The director and cast have been at it since 7AM and I sat in on their blocking rehearsal at 8:30. The show is already hilarious - this team is doing great work. It was very gratifying to hear them praise the script. (That was how I could tell that they were smart people of excellent taste.)

If you'd like to support my brilliant team, click here and donate some cash in our name. The team is "The McGary Mashers". Or attend a performance. More information on times/dates are here.

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