Friday, October 23, 2009

The Play Offs

Greetings Loyal Readers,
Tonight I am participating in the Bloomington Playwrights Project Play Offs. In a few short hours (I hope), I shall have finished writing a play that will be staged tomorrow evening. I just hope my script doesn't completely embarrass me. In high school drama, our teacher, Mr. Martin, would always get us in a huddle before the curtain and repeat what Tallulah Bankhead prayed before every one of her own performances. Something like "Please God don't let me make a fool of myself out there tonight." (That's the gorgeous Tallulah at left.) I might be doing some similar petitions later on...

I just read some of her other quotes on line and they are fabulous. I'll leave you with one and then I'll update you later after my script is finished.

"I'm as pure as the driven slush." Tallulah Bankhead.

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