Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rejection Number One

Loyal Readers, I have gotten my first rejection for Over the Moon. It came in the form of a very nice email this AM. I am not crushed. A little unhappy, but not crushed. This is the way it will probably go with most if not all of the submissions, but at least I am getting my work out there. I am absolutely determined to keep at it.

I have decided to post whenever I have a rejection for two reasons. First, because writing about it makes it less ouch-y. And second, because I think it is helpful to share this kind of thing with the fellow writers who might be reading this blog.

My husband said all the right things again, Loyal Ones. He's on a perfect husband roll. Well, almost perfect...he did drive me a bit crazy yesterday on his day off, but that's a tale for another time my friends.

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Anonymous said...

I think "outing" rejections is an excellent idea. In the writing world, there is much celebration of successes, however defined, and very little mention of the darker, more disappointing experiences. Especially because it is these that really teach, define, perhaps galvanize us, your new practice is much to be celebrated. MKP

Sorry you were blue yesterday; thanks so much for bringing us all together to see the remarkable BOOM. Your mood was undetectable in a loud, dark room with food and drink, I wonder why....