Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Greetings Loyal Readers from a very blue BloomingtonGirl. I am feeling rather down this evening, even though I am just back from a fun gathering of girl friends and Cardinal Stage's excellent production of Boom. (See it, Loyal Readers! Click here for more info: Boom.

It has been a very trying couple of weeks, truth be told. I'll spare you the details, but there have been a few situations that have really sucked up my mental energy. What's been keeping me excited and up beat is submitting my play to various workshops and contests, but I think I have submitted it to just about every place that would consider it. So, it is time to start another play in earnest so that I don't hang too much on Over the Moon. My first rejection - a "soft" rejection, if you will - is coming (or not coming, more accurately) in the next week or so. One workshop (one that I really wanted to get into for some reason) asks for full scripts right about now if they are interested in you. They only take ten pages of your script initially, along with your bio and plea for admission. I check my email every day, multiple times hoping against hope that there will be one from them asking for the script. Doing this kind of work sort of gives one a split personality. There are times when I am completely convinced that my writing is good enough for me to get into these programs. And, in the next breath, I feel absolutely certain that my writing is really stupid. There isn't much middle ground. It's either good or ROTTEN. And, the sad fact of the matter is that most of it is luck. Talent plays into it to be sure, but luck is part of the mix as well.

I hope that my sense of humor returns with the morning. It has flown the coop today in a big way. Some days are simply that way.

Night night. Of to try and try to read Ionesco.

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