Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kandinsky and My Late Friend Michele

Years ago, my late friend, Michele, and I went into NY to see a Kandinsky exhibition. I think it was at MOMA, but I'm not certain. I enjoyed it quite a bit and always now associate Kandinsky with Michele. We went many months before she got too sick to do things like that. (Our last trip into the city together was some time after that to see Wit. We were curious to see what the stage representation of ovarian cancer would be. Michele had, at that point, had months of chemo and a few surgeries and I had pretty much held her hand through all of it, so we knew that drill quite well. We didn't care much for the show; perhaps it was too close to home. Who knows?)

What brought this to mind is that there is a large exhibition now at the Guggenheim in NY of Kandinsky's work. I hope that my husband, who is in Manhattan this week, will go to see it. I plan on seeing it when I am there in early December. It looks really gorgeous.

Why did I post this? Maybe because it reminds me that life is short; you have no idea how short it might be. It is good for me to be mindful myself of this so that I don't squander my life with silly things. I tend to do that sometimes.

Right now, though, I am just going to go to bed. Sweet dreams. Loyal Ones.

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