Friday, March 26, 2010

Back to Basics (or Shoe Love)

Loyal Readers! Those who have been reading for a time know that your BloomingtonGirl has a weakness for beautiful footwear. In winter, I wear exclusively boots but when spring comes, your BloomingtonGirl's Boot Fancy turns to thoughts of Shoe Love. (apologies to Tennyson for such bastardization of his lovely words.)

Here are two delicious examples of shoes I would love to own and would indeed own if I were inclined to (or insane enough to) shell out a bazillion dollars per pair. These beauties are by Christian LeBoutain, but you probably already knew that. The red sole gives them away. The first one, at left, has a price tag of about $1700 (!!!). I am reminded of dragees (please forgive the lack of accent mark...I don't know how to do that in Blogger). I never enjoy eating a dragee, but they look so beautiful and I have no objection to wearing them or a clever and expensive representation of them.

The second pair below simply reminds me that I LOVE shoes. I'm off to Manhattan in a few weeks and I have decided that I shall try them on just for the thrill of it. I am going to have a much needed pedicure before my trip so my feet will be worthy. I have no intention of purchasing them, but a girl can dream, right? (Of the two pair, I favor the blue suede. What say you, Loyal Ones?)

In other news, my friend Jenny came over for pizza tonight with her two boys in tow. They are two of Jack's best friends and Jenny is one of mine, so the evening was lovely. Chris was working late, so he was spared all of the girl talk and the rambunctious boys' yelling and running around. As I write this, Chris is home and relaxing in front of an NCAA basketball game, Jack is snug in his bed and I am writing to my Loyal Readers. Life is remarkably good.

I'm off to take a luxurious bath and then to bed to read Othello. I am reading it for the first time as part of an independent study I am doing on the Narcissistic and Psychopathic personalities. Iago is really something. Shakespeare really got people.

Bye for now.

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