Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boots and Natural Disasters

I love these boots, Loyal Readers. I made the mistake of not ordering them when I first fell in love. Now, they don't have my size. That'll teach me. I'll just have to find another pair to love.

As I write, it is pouring down rain. It has rained steadily off and on today and I have to say that I find it a relief to have a day of lousy weather after a couple of weeks of beautiful days. Gorgeous weather makes me feel pressured to be outside every minute, taking advantage of the fresh air and sunshine, perhaps prancing around in the spring clothes I have not yet unpacked for the season. Does this make me a bit of a lazy depressive? Well, so be it. Give me Seattle anytime.

In other news, Jack's class had a parents' night this week and he showed us the book he has been reading every day during silent reading period. It is a handbook about natural disasters in which events are rated with a number of skulls to illustrate how common the thing is and how likely the event or thing is to kill you. These values taken together produce some kind of deadly rating for the thing. Examples range from black widows and sting rays to killer whales and pyroclastic flows (uber uber deadly). Following a description of each event, survival tips are given. Jack is not just reading it. He is reading it over and over in order to memorize it. He is becoming a little actuary for natural disaster. I can't decide if it is incredibly neurotic or amusing. Either way, the number of facts he's memorized is impressive. He'll be a laugh riot at future parties.

I'm off to work out and watch Season Four of Weeds. It keeps me on the Nordic Track for close to an hour, the time an "aging" woman must exercise each day to avoid becoming a flab-a-lanche, according to a recent article in our paper. I don't think Weeds is all that good but it is a nice mindless escape. I LOVE Celia. She's such a disaster.

Bye for now, Loyal Readers.

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