Thursday, April 22, 2010

BloomingtonGirl Brews Tea to Elevating Her Life

I recently visited a Tea Store to purchase some good green teas for my green tea drinking husband. The lovely woman who ran the shop was happy to tell me all about the teas and how they would elevating my life. She had a clear glass pot containing a light tea and in it, this beautiful and strange looking flower thing - very similar to the photo at the left . She poured me some and I was hooked. It was delicious and delicate and floral. It was, Loyal Readers, Jasmine Tea. I was very excited to take some home and brew it, drink it and enjoy the visual of the beautiful flower thingy in my cup or tea pot. Well, Loyal Ones, your BloomingtonGirl has only been able to recreate part of the experience. The tea was lovely but the flower thingy, not so lovely. Here's a shot of how mine looks below.
How did she do it, I wonder? I followed the directions and I even prodded the thing a bit to make it open up more. Alas, this was as close as your BloomingtonGirl could get to the beautiful flower thingy. I hope it doesn't mean that this tea won't elevating my life. I need all the elevation I can get to fight off the literal gravity of middle age. The nice tea lady recommended that I even put the flower thingies in my bath, but I am going to decline. Soaking in a tub filled with multiple things like the above thingy isn't my idea of soothing. Besides, at about fifty cents a thing, it could get a little steep, no pun intended.

In other news, my leg of lamb dinner was sublime, I am happy to report. I served the lamb with black quinoa and freshly picked spinach from my husband's garden. I exaggerate not at all when I say that it was the best spinach I have ever tasted.

I like the early part of the garden. There are little harvests, just enough for a meal here and there. But the tyranny of it will befall me before too long and I will be up to my elbows in large quantities of things such as chard, kale, cucumbers and tomatoes. Worry not, though, because your BloomingtonGirl will be more efficient this year. I am going to get me one of them pressure canners so I can put things up more quickly. Stay tuned and keep your fingers that I don't blow the place up.

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