Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ethereal & Bloody Bloody & Fat Girl

Loyal Readers, you see at left an open bag of LuckyGuy Bakery Double Chocolate Delights. Your BloomingtonGirl should not, I repeat, should not, have opened said bag. There are three fewer cookies as a result and a slightly fatter - yet still somehow attractive, I hope - middle aged woman as another result. Ah, desire! You were simply too much for the demure and delicate BloomingtonGirl!

I made these treats for the wonderful and creative people in my playwriting class yesterday. I bagged up the rest to give as a gift and then neglected to decide upon a lucky recipient. There the cookies sat, on my island, staring me down, eroding my willpower. I caved at last and I am here to report that these might be the finest cookies I have made in many a baking moon. They are deeply chocolately, yet delicate in texture. The flavor is not too sweet, not too bitter, but juuuuuust right. There is a perfect amount of salt (essential for a baked good, I don't care what anyone says) and that perfect amount really brings it all home. Heavenly they are and I do not exaggerate. I think that I must make a few more batches for mailing to those on the LuckyGuy Bakery A-List. They are a bit delicate for shipping, but I posit that even humble shards of these would be welcomed by the most discriminating of LuckyGuy Customers. Hold on a second while I reseal the bag. Four would be simply too much of a good thing.


Now, on to other topics. If you are in NY, I highly recommend the show Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. (Here are a couple YouTube Videos for it: Interviews with the creators/current relevance and another one.) It is up for a limited run at the Public, so you will have to hurry. It is a 90 minute whirlwind of a play with lots of EMO Rock and irreverent humor. It tells the tale (duh) of our nation's 7th president in a most innovative and entertaining way. It is hilarious and moving and quite thought provoking. If you are a parent of a high school or college student and don't mind if he or she hears the word Fuck lots of times in an hour and a half, you might want to take your kid to see it. It will provoke interesting conversation about the state of affairs of our country. The take home message for me was that things haven't changed all that much since then. Bloody was one of the best things I've seen in a long while. I wish I could say the same of A Behanding In Spokane by (usually fabulous) playwright Martin McDonnagh. It was a dreadfully weak play made okay by the amazing Christopher Walken (Hey...I'd pay to hear him read the phone book) and the charming and talented Sam Rockwell. Rounding out the cast was Anthony Mackie (making the very best of his role) and Zoe Kazan who was pretty dreadful. Shame on you, Martin McDonnagh. You are so much better than that. (Apologies to my friend Larry who liked the show.)

I lament that I do not live closer to NY because I could see a couple shows a week and never tire of it.

Well, I am off to do some rewrites of Fat Girl. I hope I get it right. Maybe I can look at my three cookie binge as method writing...

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