Friday, April 09, 2010

Fat Girl

Loyal Readers! I finally finished the first draft of a new one act play entitled Fat Girl. It isn't very good yet, but I think it has some potential. I had to write it for a class I'm taking at IU and it was hell getting it done. It is good to have a deadline to force me to break through the resistance I feel. I'm excited to refine the piece and see where it goes.

I behaved like a perfectly spoiled woman today. I had a massage today, Loyal Ones and I have to say that it was long overdue. I also went shopping and picked out some smart new outfits for my trip next week. I have gained an unsightly five pounds - all in the mena-pooch region, I think - and I decided that rather than torture myself with my current wardrobe while I pretend to get serious about losing this poundage, I would just pick up a few new things to make me feel better. It worked. I feel much better. I rationalize it all by saying that I am quite fit underneath my fat (I am indeed rather fit, if I do say so myself) and that at least I don't have to lose weight and get in shape. For a laugh, click on this link for Poo Chi.

In other horrible news, I lost my entire address book on my mac. I don't know how it happened but what difference does it make? It's too late now. Or, at least I think so. I'm taking my desk top into the Mac store tomorrow AM and making them (yes making them) retrieve it.

In other other news, my friend and writing associate Maxie is screening his movie tomorrow night at the Whittenberger Auditorium tomorrow night. Here is the trailer and information about it. Get Jak. I will be there with bells on, so look for the beautiful poochy middle aged woman with bells on.

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your blog is the top hit in google when searching for the term, "mena-pooch." thought you'd appreciate it! --ellie