Monday, April 26, 2010

My New Favorite Actors & Other Things

Loyal Readers, during her Heart Zone workouts on her bike in the basement, your BloomingtonGirl has been watching an old movie called That Hamilton Woman, starring Vivien Leigh and Sir. Lawrence Olivier. It is, except for an interminable and dull battle scene toward the end, terrific. It has started a new obsession with these actors. I'm embarrassed to say that I am woefully unfamiliar with Olivier's work and only recall seeing Leigh in Gone with the Wind. I'm hooked on both of them, Loyal Ones, and I also find their own love affair very interesting and tragic. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?

I am writing to you while dinner is in the oven (from the Moosewood Cookbook, Bulgarian Pepper and Cheese Delight) and Jack is outside playing with the neighbor boys. Chris is working out and I have a little time before dinner to write my blog. When I first started blogging, I wrote just about every day. The blog was called "Life in Bloomington, Fairfield County Girl Makes Good in the Midwest" . My first post was on December 31, 2003 (!!) and it was this:

So, before today, I really didn't know what a blog was, exactly. I would read about them and I sort of knew but felt stupid to ask. Today my friend Michelle mentioned the term and I broke down and asked her. We decided I should have a blog for our move. So here it is.

Now, on to recipe comments...

The chicken so far smells wonderful. More as it develops...
Today I sent in the contract to the moving company. We are officially moving during the last week of January. Wow. This blog will be all about the move, settling in & freaking out. Oh, and I will of course include some recipes.

It seems a million years ago. Sometimes I still cannot believe that I live in Indiana. No offense to any Hoosiers, especially Bloomington Hoosiers, but I am really an East Coast girl through and through and I probably would not live anywhere in Indiana besides Bloomington. I continue to miss easy access to Manhattan - I can never get enough of that place - but I don't miss living in Connecticut. I like going to visit CT and I have to admit that the amount and variety of amenities far outweigh those here. But, there is an insidious "keeping up" that happens when the average home price in a town is north of a million dollars. There is an enormous amount of wealth there that I took for granted when I was a resident. Now, when I go back, I am a little dazzled by it. It is all very gorgeous and grand. I don't think I would have the energy for it anymore. I like the pace of life here and the kind of people in this town. Who knew I would ever feel this way? I would like to retire in Manhattan (alas, my husband does not) but I'm happy we moved here.

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