Sunday, May 02, 2010

And a Good Time Was Had

Your BloomingtonGirl is a tired girl this Sunday evening, Loyal Readers. Tired, yes, but bathing in a most delicious afterglow of a most delicious dinner party. Last night, we hosted 22 people - Chris's current and retired partners and wives - for cocktails, a magic show and dinner. If I do say so myself, it was a smashing success. Preparations started on Thursday - planning the decor for three tables, ironing linens, grouping china/crystal/silver, etc. On Friday, I cooked for twelve hours straight (!). I have to say that although it was hard work, it was really enjoyable. On Saturday, I set the tables, arranged some flowers and did some last minute stuff while my husband did the guy things - got ice, roasted the tenderloins, etc. Promptly at six, people started arriving and the party was off to a great start. We hired a magician to do close up card tricks between cocktails and dinner (Steve Bryant - here's his website - he's amazing). It was simply a delightful evening of big fun.

You will agree, I am sure, that there is nothing better than being invited to someone's home for a dinner party - that is if you like the hosts and other guests and the food and drink are plentiful and good. People host parties too seldom these days. People think that they are too busy to undertake such an activity. I say that's Hogwash! Anyone can make time to throw at least one dinner party a year - even if you invite some friends over for pizza and beer and scrabble or dominoes. Your BloomingtonGirl encourages you, Loyal Readers, nay, she implores you to make an effort, no matter how busy you may be. Why? Because such gatherings spread good cheer and that is a very important thing to do in these angst-y times. Throwing this party made me so very happy, Loyal Readers, because I know that all of the hard work put into it made a difference in the world. A small difference, yes, but I am a true believer in FUN, and whatever I can do to spread a little around is my greatest pleasure.

Tomorrow, if time allows, I shall post pictures of the party along with my recipes for everything I served. But, for now, your BloomingtonGirl is off to get her beauty rest.

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