Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Day in the Islands...For Now, Anyway

Today was a superb last day on Grand Cayman. We snorkeled for hours. The highlight was seeing these fish that changed colors before our eyes, depending on what surface they were above. Amazing and beautiful. The reefs right off our beach are perfect. I feel so happy and I can't wait to come back. This is the most relaxed I can remember being in quite some time. I might be wrong about that, but I'm too relaxed to worry about it.

Tonight, we ate at Agua, an outsanding, nay, OUTSTANDING, place. It ties with Morgan's Harbor for our favorite. Below are some pictures of us there. (I have been a silly shameless tourist taking pictures at restaurants on this trip, but I'm glad I did it.)

At left are Jack and Chris. Jack is growing up so fast.

Below is evidence that my appetizer was superb. I ordered a trio of Peruvian seafood preparations.

More Chris.

Might be my favorite picture of this trip.

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderful vacation!!!!