Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More from Paradise

Loyal Readers, it is once again cocktail hour in Paradise and I am taking a little break from our adventures today to write to you and share some pictures. Today, we drove to Rum Point, a little beach on the other end of the island. It is a very charming place with a cute little bar and grill on it. The snorkeling was supposed to be really great, but it was just okay. Turns out that the snorkeling right off of our beach here is much better. There are reefs all over the place, not too far out, with abundant and beautiful fish. The three of us spent a couple hours there in the late afternoon. Fabulous. I'm trying to talk Jack and Chris into diving, but so far, no luck. I was thinking of taking a "tourist" course here. You take a course in the morning and then can go for a relatively shallow dive in the afternoon. We'll see. I do intend to get my PADI certification in Bloomington in the near future. I'm hoping that Kate will get hers as well so we can go on diving trips. (C'mon Katie!) If not, I'll have to tag along with the Geigers next time they come down.

Here's Jack at the Rum Point Bar and Grill, examining an onion. He has decided to become a restaurant reviewer. It is rather hilarious to listen to his high fallutin' BS.

This picture needs little explanation other than Jack wanted to be the "Free" Jerk.

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