Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Grand Cayman Fun

Loyal Readers, here are some more photos from our vacation. Enjoy.

Here are Simon, the first mate of our sail boat yesterday, and Jack with the Conch shell that Simon found for Jack. Simon has 15 kids, 2 of whom were born on the same day to different mothers. Did I already mention that? Sorry, but I can't help myself.

Here's Jack at the (really awful) restaurant where we dined (and I use that term loosely) last night. The view was lovely but the food was quite bad. A rarity on Grand Cayman, I think, but we were unlucky enough to experience it. Tonight, better cuisine planned.

Here are Jack and Chris under the little structure on our beach this afternoon. We snorkeled a whole lot today, right off the beach of our place. It was amazing and so easy.

Your BloomingtonGirl and her Honey, happy after our little sailing cruise. It's good to be silly, isn't it?

Jack and Chris at said awful restaurant. I won't mention its name in case it is Al Fresco. The deep fry exhaust fan was pointed at the outdoor dining area. Seriously unbelievable.

Your BloomingtonGirl's happy, happy feet at our beach earlier today, while reading her favorite magazine (Vogue) and enjoying the day.

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