Monday, June 14, 2010

Exciting News for a Fellow Sewanee Writer, Channeling Dorothy & Twelve More Days

First of all, your BloomingtonGirl extends her most joyous congratulations to fellow Sewanee writer, John Reimringer! Publishers Weekly has chosen his new novel, Vestments, as their pick of the week and given it a starred review. I've preordered my copy. I got a brief preview at Sewanee last summer and can't wait to read all of it. You can order yours on Amazon.

Read the Publishers Weekly Review HERE.

And, just so you know, this success couldn't be happening to a nicer guy.

Now, on to your BloomingtonGirl's far less exciting stuff. Earlier this evening, I was secured in our basement, waiting out this evening's Tornado Warning in our little corner of the heartland. Now, as I write, the front and back yards are bathed in an otherworldly, post storm golden hue. There are two large rainbows to our East. We get some big (and fast changing) weather in these here parts.

Now, there is a (relatively) gentle thunderstorm rumbling outside my window, providing uneasy background music for my writing. Worry not, Loyal Ones. I'm wireless and not on line as I write this. I didn't used to be this cautious but once your house gets hit, you realize it can happen to you. It goes without saying that I don't shower during a storm, but sometimes, I'm even afraid to go to the bathroom when lightning is striking nearby. (Think of the possibility of an electrical arc straight from the toilet to your BloomingtonGirl's unmentionable lady parts! And what a problematic obituary. Cause of death? Oh! The indignity!)

In other news, there are just twelve more days before we take Jack to four weeks of sleep-away camp in New York. What? Did you read that right? Indeed you did, Loyal Ones. I know! I am as shocked as you are, believe me. We have been planning for Jack to go to this particular camp since he first visited it when he was in utero when we drove his older sisters to their second year of camp. Both of our girls attended for years and loved it enough to become counsellors. This is a stellar camp and if you'd like the particulars of it for your younguns, just email me and I'll send them along.

We originally thought we'd send Jack for two weeks, this year but his sisters recommended strongly that he commit to the four week session. There were many good reasons, so we did. The most astounding thing is that Jack is completely on board with it and looking forward to going. I think that it has the potential to be a game changer for him. It's possible that he will completely hate it and be overwhelmed with home sickness, but I think it's more likely he'll move through his discomforts and come out on the other side to have a GREAT time. Keep your fingers crossed, Loyal Ones, and I will keep you posted.

Well, I'm off to read and get some shut eye. We're up early tomorrow for a 7 AM (what was I thinking??) orthodontist appointment.

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