Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forget Overpriced Designer Lighting...

Loyal Readers, I was recently at the home of one of Jack's classmates. This family had just completed a most thoughtful and excellent remodel of their first floor. Their contractor suggested that they design and put together their own lighting fixture to illuminate the kitchen island, which the family also designed and built. (Yes, they are way cooler than we are, I know.) Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with this light fixture. The picture does not do it justice. It is rustic and modern and quirky all at once. The wood beam was salvaged from a Pauley's Island Hammock the couple was given for their wedding. Everything else was picked up at the hardware store for minimal cost. I am considering being a shameless copycat and putting together one for over our pool table or over our kitchen table.

Jack surprised me again today by saying that he is "excited about going to camp." I still cannot believe he wants to do this, but I'm going with it. It occurred to me today that this separation might be harder for me than for him. The fates say "Hah! Joni McGary. " Motherhood is the funniest combination of wanting to run away from it all and loving your kid so much you think you'll burst. Call me crazy. I can take it.

I did a workout yesterday on a rowing machine and followed it up with a swim, only to find that I had made my neck quite stiff as a result. By the evening, I was in minor agony and this morning it wasn't much better. I booked a massage with a person who was recommended to me by the most fit woman on the planet ( it is hard not to hate her, I admit it). This massage therapist worked me over like I was a piece of meat in need of tenderizing. It hurt in the hurts- so-good kind of way. I have been looking for a good deep tissue massage therapist and I think my search has ended. Her name is Marisa and she works at Hair Techniques on Liberty Drive. She used to be in the Army before she went to massage school. She's tiny and far stronger than she looks. I can't recommend her enough for you athletic types out there.

In other news, I am in the thick of what I hope will be my final re-write for Over the Moon. It is time to start my new play and put that one in the drawer for awhile. I'm waiting to hear on one or two more workshops and that will be it for awhile for that piece.

I'm off to bed, Loyal Ones. Sweet Dreams.

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