Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting My Kid Ready for Sleep-Away Camp (Part 3)

Here is my gorgeous son in his Cardinal Stage Company T shirt. (Don't miss their current show, Loyal Readers. It's nearly a sell out, so get your tickets now!)

This picture was taken earlier this evening. Jack is having (yet another) sleep-over party. I tried very hard not to get talked into this one, but this week he is really milking the "Mommy, I'm going to camp for four weeks....pleeeeeeeaseeee...." and I find myself either too lazy or too weak to put up the good fight. The upstairs AC is on the blink, so the poor dears might roast a bit tonight when they go to bed, but the way I see it, it is just a little taste of their parents' childhoods for them. (I roasted for years in my bedroom in my childhood home only to have my parents buy an air conditioning unit for it when I left for college. What was that about? Oh! Sorry. That's a question for my therapist, not my beloved Loyal Ones.)

I just finished packing up most of Jack's clothing and miscellany into his camp trunk and will finish the job tomorrow. There is only one little crisis and that is the matter of jeans. The camp recommends that I pack 3 pair for Jack but the kid abhors jeans and can't find a pair that feels comfortable even though I've brought home over a dozen styles for him to try. I am the queen of returns, believe me.) I shall pack cargo pants in lieu of jeans and hope that they provide enough of a barrier against the mosquitoes at camp fire. If not, there's always DEET.
Sometimes chemical warfare is what it takes.

I'm off to herd the little guys into bed and get them to settle down. And then, I'm off to bed myself. Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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