Saturday, June 05, 2010

No Mom Award...Continued

Loyal Readers, please phone the appropriate authorities to come to my home and straight jacket me and take me away. I agreed to have three of Jack's friends for an overnight this evening and an hour into the trip, we are experiencing turbulence. This is a group of four, three of whom have very strong personalities, each in conflict with the other. The fourth is the easiest kid in the world. He gets along with everyone. What would that be like, I wonder?

Anyway, the pizza was just delivered and maybe consumption will soothe the savage beasts. If not, they are all going home after dessert. I didn't sign a contract with the parents that I'd keep them all night.

I'm thinking about having an MRI to see if I was born without a maternal instinct. Where is it located? Would it show up? I'd ask my husband but, (lucky him), he's at work tonight.

Is it wrong to sedate other people's children? If it's illegal, I hope one of my Loyal Readers will bail me out of jail later.

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