Thursday, July 01, 2010

Continued Happy News and A Garlic Epipany

Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl is feeling absolute Jubilation at continued news of Her Son's happiness at camp. I heard just today that he is making friends in his cabin and in the cabin of boys a year older and that he is "keeping company with a very active group of boys." (!!!!!) I am so excited for him. I'm actually happy that he can't be bothered to write to his long-suffering-missing-her son-mother because he is busy having too much fun and hilarity. (In actuality, I am not suffering at all. If I know he's fine and happy, I am fine and happy.)

The picture here is of some kind of ceremony in which campers are assigned their color. The boys can be either red or blue and we believe from scanning this picture that Jack has been assigned to the blue team. Don't strain your eyes trying to find him...just take our word for it that he is likely the guy at the upper right corner with the blue bandana completely over his face.

It is strange to have a house with no Jack. Chris is off this week and we are just puttering, having decided to skip our planned Canada vacation. We were simply too road weary after dropping Jack off. It was nice to be able to just cancel the plans and come home to relax.

One last note before I go and indulge my latest addiction (the Scrabble App on my ITouch), I have to rave about the garlic that my husband has grown in the garden. I must confess I never put too much stock in everything said about garlic (don't use cloves that have sprouted...etc...) and I never worried about whether it was fresh or not. I simply used whatever was in the fridge, sprouted or not, dried up or not. Shocking, I know, for such a foodie to admit this. I was an ignorant BloomingtonGirl, indeed. Tonight I put together a simple pasta sauce by warming fresh picked garlic in olive oil, adding some tomatoes and basil and cooking briefly. All I can say is that the garlic flavor was otherworldly. No sharp or hot sensations of over garlicy-ness. Just a mellow gentle but robust garlic flavor. It was amazing.

Never will I use substandard garlic again. Your BloomingtonGirl wanted her Loyal Readers to be the first to know.

Off to find a word that will use my Q and J.

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Paul said...

Ain't it amazing how an unexpected experience un-moor you from the ground you've held fast on for years.