Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Jack

Loyal Readers, here is the latest photo of my happy kid at sleep away camp. In the absence of any communication from him, save the three lines he scribbled during his first few days there, the daily photos on the website give me all the information I need. He's happy and having fun.

It was such a leap of faith to send him this year. It could have gone either way. It has been deeply gratifying to see that he has the inner resources to not only be away from home but to thrive in the environment. And this is a kid who is (or perhaps was) very attached to his mommy. I am beyond happy for him. YAY!

I miss him, but not in a way that causes me to suffer. The hard part of it - and it is not very hard, really - is realizing that the time is coming soon when he will grow up for real and I won't have a little guy anymore. My husband kids me every time I say I miss him. "Let's see what you're saying the day after he gets home." Jack and I have one of those intense bicker-y fight-y relationships. Or maybe we used to. Who knows how he has changed? We'll see.

In other news, I am struggling to finish what I am calling the first last draft of Over the Moon. The characters are getting very tired, Loyal Ones, having to say lines and then having to say new ones as I rewrite and rewrite. Poor things.

More not so thrilling posts coming your way soon. Stay tuned.

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Happy Valley said...

Maureen was 10 when she went to overnight camp for the first time. It was a long month! People kept telling me if she wasn't writing she was having fun!

Luke can't wait to go next year--that will hard--2 of them gone!