Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Evening

Loyal Readers, here is a wonderful picture of our daughters getting along splendidly on our recent family vacation in Michigan. If only they could have communed that peacefully growing up...

The other two pictures are of the Crazy Tomato Bounty from my husband's Crazily Bountiful Garden. We were gone for a week and the vines were laden with about 40 pounds of ripe tomatoes. Chris canned 21 pounds today (7 quarts) and I will do the rest tomorrow. There are more coming. He also made 8 batches of pesto for freezing from the piles of basil he picked. We will be up to our eyeballs in pesto this winter. Call me if you want some.

I am writing to you on a Sunday evening, while Chris is sweltering outside, grilling filet mignons that were sent to us by accident. I ordered a dozen steaks for my parents recently and the company mixed it up and sent them to us. I can't say that I mind terribly much.


The steaks were sublime. To accompany them, I made Green Beans Braised in Tomatoes. Chris and I agreed that we'd never had beans that good. The recipe is here. Reminded me of Italy.

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