Sunday, August 01, 2010

Questions about the Apparel Diet

Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl has gotten a few questions about the 'Diet'.

1. Am I allowed to buy for others?
Great question. I would imagine so, but my guess is that one would want to use some restraint in that area in the spirit of the project. That said, I do find myself wanting to buy my friends and family clothing over the last week...

2. Can one buy accessories?
The vague instructions on the website say YES on this one. Shoes are also allowed, but in my case, given that I am a bit of a boot whore, I am going to count boots in the forbidden list. I am going to allow myself athletic gear as needed, including shoes in that area.

3. Can one buy underwear?
Absolutely. In my case, however, I am going to abstain from picking up those way too cute bras/panties at Target because I just don't need them. Besides, maybe the world doesn't need middle aged women letting their fuscia/bright blue/grey/whatever colored straps peek out of their summer apparel...

4. Can I get gifts of clothing?
Yes. But, I can't give money to someone else and ask them to buy something for me. I will be putting only clothing on my birthday and xmas lists this year. Only things I really need, which should be very few.

There. Questions answered.

Off to do a bike ride. This time, I won't make that wrong turn and end up, 40 miles later, finally home. More on that story later.

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