Friday, September 24, 2010


Loyal Readers, I just had to post this picture of me in my beeeeeyoutifull new bracelet. It is a beaded cuff with black and shiny/silvery beads that makes me so happy.

We are on our way out for a little joint birthday dinner for Jack and Me.

Have a nice evening, Loyal Ones.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


For my birthday, I got a gift certificate for my favorite cycling apparel company - TwinSix. I don't think that it counts if I use it to purchase a jersey. Here is what I am coveting. (In case you are wondering, I might change my name to Trixie, or at least answer to it when riding.)

I have not purchased any clothing for myself since I signed up for the Great American Apparel Diet in July. It hasn't been difficult at all, actually, because I have been losing weight and all sorts of "new clothing" has been coming available in my own closet. (You didn't hear that from me because women who talk about dieting and losing weight are tedious and I am anything but tedious. Right? Right, Loyal Readers?)

Anyway, back to my writing project.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Here is your happy BloomingtonGirl t in her teeniest of all weeniest hotel rooms ever. It was chic, yes, but oh so teeny. I just liked the picture.

I turned 48 yesterday. I am not put off by the number of years that has crept upon me while I wasn't paying so much attention. I have already been through (and am so over) the Botox phase - for a brief period, I resembled Spock in an alarming way whenever I raised my eyebrows - and plastic surgery is not even on my radar anymore. I don't know what happened, but something did, and I no longer stand in front of the mirror pulling up my slackening facial skin, imagining what I might look like were I to surrender to the embrace of the scalpel. It could be that I am not obsessing lately because I am tan from outdoor swimming (I do wear sunscreen and lots of it) and when winter arrives and I am pallid and looking haggard...Oh, who knows. But for now, I'm not really troubled by growing older. It's rather shocking, isn't it?

I spent my birthday celebrating what my body can do - I went on a bike ride and then did a swim in the wonderful IU Outdoor pool. I felt quite mighty for my age. I had lunch with a dear friend who gave me a gorgeous present and then I took (gasp!) a delicious nap. All in all, a good day. My husband brought home some very fancy cupcakes and my boys and I had a nice little birthday party.

More soon, Loyal Readers. I have to go and get my little guy to bed.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

All Sorts of Things

Loyal Readers! It's been ages. I don't even know where to begin, not that there is anything thrilling to disclose. I can begin, I suppose, with the picture at left. The little trio got together to celebrate Lauren's birthday (middle). From left, Susan, Lauren and Your BloomingtonGirl. It was a fun night at Farm - the food was REALLY good. Farm has been hitting constant home runs, in my never humble opinion. Everything I've had there lately is fresh and delicious. Go there right now, Loyal Readers.

Well, go after you finish reading the brilliant words of your BloomingtonGirl, that is.

In other news, I've decided that I need to do a Sprint Triathalon. (Isn't that a great graphic above? It's from Flirtees, a Canadian t-shirt company for women who ride. They have sweet graphics, but their stuff runs small. I know this because I ordered this shirt for my good friend and cyclemaniac Cindy and it arrived too teeny weeny. )

So, back to my Sprint Tri. I'm not planning on doing it anytime soon, but next summer at the latest. I swim and bike well enough to finish those segments of such a trial, but I have long stopped running because it hurts too much and I haven't liked the feeling of fat jiggling when I've done it. I know, I know. It's hard to imagine that Your BloomingtonGirl has jiggly fat, but you'll just have to take that on faith. Unless you are one of the Loyal Readers who has glimpsed it for your self. But, as I used to say in the early days of this Blog, I digress.

Anyway, I decided I would begin to run again a couple of weeks ago. I commenced following a Runner's World eight week program. I made it through week one soundly, with no aches and pains to speak of and a sense of mightiness and hope. The second week, however, found me hobbling after day two with an ouchy muscle in my right calf, another one in my right butt and two slightly pained knees. I was so frustrated because I could easily have kept on track from a cardio standpoint, but my flesh and bones were just not having any of it.

I was about to abandon my hopes and dreams of being a (mini mini) tri-athlete, when my friend Jenny suggested that I try Chi Running. A few years back, my husband received a book on this very subject from his brother, so I went to our library and pulled it off the shelf. What serendipity to find it right here, at the ready!

I read the first several chapters and recognized many Pilates principles and remembered some stuff I learned in a Chi course a million years ago at Zen Mountain Monastery. It all makes perfect sense and has everything to do with relaxing and with form. My form is dreadful and stilted - can I hope to become fluid and pain free? Stay tuned, Loyal Readers. Ohm.

Today, I took my newly fitted road bike out for a 20 mile spin and I was really pleased with the changes that Fred Rose at the Bicycle Garage made. I'm going to make him some HoosierMama Brownies as a thank you. What a LuckyGuy he is! (I might have some extras, so if any of you Loyal Readers are hankering for some, drop me a line.)

My hands did not go numb until the very end of my ride - a miracle - and I retained feeling in my right toes for most of the ride, thanks to Fred moving my cleats back a bit. The adjustments made riding so much easier. I am hoping that changes in my running form will do the same for my nascent running endeavor. I am determined.

In other news, the weather has been splendid, my hair is crazy long (for me), I've been dancing around the kitchen to Lady Gaga a lot and I've started writing a new play. Jack is thriving in his new school. What more can I ask for? With a birthday on the horizon...I'll have to come up with something.